Five years in…


How time flies. It’s been just exactly 5 years ago that Ramsbottom MTB Group started as an idea to just get out and meet like minded people – via the Meet-up social network.

I’d quite literally only just moved to Rammy, and wanted to try and meet some folk who want to ride, but want to ride without the ‘seriousness’ and ‘bravado’ nonsense that goes with a lot of groups out there. Think of it more in terms of ‘mindful mountain biking’.

So, I started a meet-up group (without really knowing the local routes) and just thought I’d see what happens. That first week started positively with two blokes turning up – one a super ironman machine, the other very unfit, and me. Well it went okay but they didn’t come back. So I wondered if I had made a mistake and then more folk started joining including pretty much co-founder members Alex & Tom who helped me form a solid group.

We rode together for a while during that first summer without hardly anyone else coming out or hardly anyone joining, until all of a sudden people started joining and coming out.

What resulted from that was a snowball effect to where we stand today over 100 members strong with literally 100’s of events happened over the past 5 years.

We’ve been on MTB’ing holidays abroad and weekends away in the UK, people have made long and lasting friendships, some people have even formed relationships (I’m still waiting for a Rammy MTBers wedding), we’ve had many social evenings out, boozy Christmas parties and of course loads and loads of rides.

It was also from a seed of an idea from Tom, one lovely summers eve ride over Holcombe Hill, that we started bouncing the idea of there being an MTB festival in Ramsbottom. That seed turned into a fully formed idea with the creation of Northern Grip: Neither Tom or myself are involved anymore but it was good while it lasted.

It really has become a solid group, and now we’re in a very exciting phase of pushing it forward to officially become constituted with a committee, etc. If you’re apprehensive about the stigma of joining a ‘cycling group’ please don’t be. I was that person also and I try and keep this group from not being that kind of group folk are scared of joining. Just come and try us and see you what you think!

Here’s to another 5 years of good times ahead.


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