Retro heaven…

Oh Klein, where art though…

Do you remember lusting after one of these in your local bike shop window but 2k seemed like an insane amount of money? (Especially on paper round money).

Well you could potentially bag yourself a retro bike this Sunday at our cycle jumble in association with Cast yourself back to when Nevermind was being released – on tape – in Our Price. Our Price!! Remember them? Well back then most of us who are riding now in our late 30’s / 40’s could only dream about riding a Klein, Yeti, Kona, Trimble, Yo Eddy Fat Chance or a Moots. The era when good bikes were dream bikes as you actually had to have the money to get one, none of this 0% finance malarky and music was actually good as the Seattle scene was taking the world by storm and every person learning guitar would play the intro to ‘Enter Sandman’ in their local guitar shop – much to the annoyance of the grunge type hipsters who worked there after hearing it for the 100th time by lunchtime.

You get the idea. So you know that Kona Lava Dome you always wanted (with project 2 forks)? It just may be there on Sunday waiting for you to give it a new loving home and used as a baby seat bike / commuter / e-bike project / bachelor pad wall hanging.

So get yourself down on Sunday from 12:30 and bring cash as they won’t have the ability to pay by card. But you might be able to leave a deposit with NCA and collect it from them later.

We will also have some members selling a few MTB bits & bobs, and it’s also a good opportunity to come and say hi to us! Maybe you’re thinking about joining. If so, come and have a chat and a peruse around stuff while you’re there.

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