Retro on retro…

Well I think it’s fair to say that if we are to have a retrospective look at the retro bike sale and the maintenance day that, in the spirit of ‘doing a retro’ there are things that went well, some things not so well and some things that could have been better.

The idea of the day came out of a ride last winter where a few members said that if it happened to be just themselves together out on a ride, that if something like their chain snapped or they got a puncture that they wouldn’t be able to fix it, hence sorting out the day we had on Sunday.

So where did the retro aspect come in? Well we hosted a reconditioned bike sale via who bought down a really good selection of children’s and adult bikes, including some classic retro MTB’s from Gary Fisher, Trek, Cube, Racelight, GT and more with some cracking deals to be had. Someone bagged a lovely Islabike for their niece, it was like new, and there was a full-suss Cube full XT and Fox forks – went for £350. If you’re looking for a cheapish MTB that’s good enough to get you going then check out NCA’s website as they have details of when they bike sales.

The bike sale went really well with a steady flow of customers with the upshot being that people bagged a good deal and put a preloved bike back on the road – not in landfill! Result.

As for the maintenance day, the group members who attended said they did gain some good and helpful knowledge and skills from the day. You never know, that one nugget of info someone learned may just be enough to get them home from a ride one day when previously they would have been stuck.

We also gained a few more members just from that afternoon. So it was successful all things considered.

What didn’t go so well, shall we say, was the erm… jumble or lack of. Jamie & Wellsy had a table with some bits and pieces on and over the course of about 2.5 hours sold the grand total of nothing. That’s right, nothing at all! But it was a nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon – sitting amongst bikes, talking about bikes, fixing bikes – and drinking tea.

Sorry about the blurry image but it was cold! See if you can spot the Gary Fisher Sugar

So what could we do better next time?

We’ll definitely do it again as it felt like a trial run for a regular event. Next time we have plans to make it more prominent and make it obvious who we are.

So, we intend on getting a branded gazebo, we’ll publicise it more much more on social media and also have some signage up on the day such as ‘cycle jumble this way’, you know so folk walking past don’t just look at us sat under a gazebo with a table full of MTB junk and drinking tea and wondering what on earth we are doing. Build it and they will come.

But all in all a good day and the main thing being more people are now out on their newly purchased bike rather than being sat inside.

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